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My experiences range from a Big 4 Accounting firm & Wall Street Investment Bank, to CFO for a a Fortune 500 company & and leading financial management services for a host of privately held small businesses. I have also been an entrepreneur and owner of my own chemical manufacturing company. I feel my expertise is ideally suited to assisting small business in our community through my position at CFAW.

Prior to joining CFAW, I started a chemical manufacturing company that took the hospitality industry by storm, developing new products to meet the rapidly changing demand of the industry's cleaning and sanitation needs with state-of-the-art R&D and product development.

Prior to owning and operating my own company, I held numerous positions as CFO for both Fortune 500 companies, as well as privately held small businesses. With a focus on turnaround work and mergers and acquisitions I have been in the privileged position to lead companies through over 20 successful transactions.

At CFAW, I am enjoying applying my years of financial experience along with my success in acquiring, running, growing, and selling companies to my client work as a mergers and acquisitions advisor. I understand first-hand what company owners are going through as they contemplate what might be a once in a lifetime transaction. I am a proven strategist, collaborator, and problem solver, dedicated to facilitation the best outcome for my clients.

Alan Mohl