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A Complex

As most business sales are confidential, you'll rarely see a "For Sale" sign posted in front of a business that is on the market. So, when you've decided to invest in an existing company, how do you go about locating that one business that fits your goals and budget? Buying a business is a complex process that requires expertise in researching and identifying acquisition prospects, initiating conversations, and recommending strategies for making an offer.

Corporate Finance Associates Worldwide, an investment banking firm serving the needs of middle-market business owners, and its global network of Dealmakers has been helping owners buy businesses for over sixty five years. Our commitment to remaining independent from any investment or lending affiliates ensures that we deliver unbiased guidance. It also promotes maximum competition among lending sources, helping to fully leverage value for our clients. We have made it easy for private equity groups to stay informed about investment opportunities via the secure portal on our website.

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Strategy &

Growth and Diversification

Once you have decided to grow your business through an acquisition, the next question is one of direction. Do you buy a competing company or look to a synergistic business opportunity that can add value by diversification? Corporate Finance Associates offers creative solutions for growing and diversifying your business.


Engineering an MBO may be an effective strategy for both an existing management team seeking ownership and an owner seeking an exit. MBOs tend to cross the finish line sooner, remain highly confidential while providing an opportunity for management to take the company to the next level. Discover how CFA can help engineer your MBO.

Rollups and Consolidation

A rollup or consolidation can bring about rapid, robust growth. Acquiring multiple small companies and merging them into one larger, the stronger company requires not only creative thinking, but also expert coordination and negotiation. For more than 65 years, Corporate Finance Associates has been providing business growth services to middle-market investors.

The Buying

Growth through acquisition is a complex process. It involves strategy, planning, critical analysis, coordination, and negotiation. Learn about the steps in the buying process and why having an experienced investment banker as your partner can make the difference between a stalled transaction and a closed deal.

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