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Your Business?

During the life of nearly every business owner, there comes a point when one considers selling all or part of the company. For some owners, the decision to sell a business and transfer the risks and responsibilities to someone else is the clear choice. For others, the decision to sell may not be so cut and dry. It may make more sense to seek a financial partner who really understands the industry and the business opportunities a recapitalization would bring. It may be time to sell only a division, subsidiary or product line in order to improve the long term prospects for a company.
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Strategy &


Whether you are selling a company, a subsidiary or division of your company, a major asset or a single product line, having the right team of professionals working for you will help ensure a successful outcome. CFA's prime objective is to achieve the best possible results for you.

Recap & Liquidity 

Realizing the growth goals of your middle-market business may require an influx of new capital or the addition of a strategic or financial partner that adds a synergistic benefit. Discover how CFA can help you realize the company's growth goals.

The Selling 

Selling a business is a complex process. It requires planning, strategy, coordination, and expertise. Learn about the steps in the selling process and why having an experienced investment banker as your partner can make the difference between a stalled transaction and a closed deal.


For most business owners a sale, merger, or recapitalization is unfamiliar territory and going it alone may not be the smartest choice. Corporate Finance Associates Worldwide (CFAW) is one of the oldest and largest middle-market investment banking firms in North America focused on the mid-sized business owner. For over sixty five years, we've been helping business owners maximize their company's value. Our commitment to remaining independent from direct lending sources or investment capital affiliates ensures that we deliver unbiased guidance and helps to increase competition among potential buyers.

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The Ten Biggest Mistakes
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