The Business Selling


Formulating the Exit Strategy

  • Uncover exit goals via preliminary interview
  • Develop an exit strategy based on those goals
  • Establish business valuation criteria and ranges
  • Develop business value expectation
  • Develop enhancement strategies to maximize company value prior to sale

Preparing the Business for Sale

  • Assess company's strengths/weaknesses
  • Develop personalized marketing program
  • Prepare powerful marketing documents including a brief blind executive profile and a confidential information memorandum
  • Prepare a secure password protected microsite which can contain video and pdf documents

Marketing the Company

  • Identify potential buyers worldwide
  • Identify prospective equity and strategic partners
  • Identify, screen and initiate confidential discussions with potential buyers
  • Generate interest and arrange facility visits

Executing the Sale

  • Receive Letters of Intent
  • Negotiate chosen Letter of Intent on behalf of the client
  • Negotiate structuring the transaction
  • Managing the due diligence process via a secure online Dataroom
  • Coordinate legal, tax, accounting and other professionals
  • Review agreements and closing documents
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Wealth Extraction:
Executing the Optimal Business Exit Strategy