The Game of Sorry…The M & A Version

The Game of Sorry…The M & A Version

By Robert Contaldo

October 01, 2013

Sorry Game PiecesIf you’ve played the game of Sorry, you know the feeling.  You’re almost home and then…Sorry…back to square one.  So it can go with selling your business.  And then you ask:

What about the time I’ve spent?

What about all my professional fees?

What about my employees who knew what was happening?

What about my sales that have declined?

What about the customers who were interviewed?

What about my retirement plans?

What about the pile of money I was to have?  ………


As in all games, the one with a strategy wins.  The one with experience wins.  The one who executes properly wins.

To be sure, selling a company is no game, and even the most well run transaction can result in going back to square one, but mitigating the risk is always smart.  A professional advisor who understands the process and an experienced team working together will help turn “sorry” into “congratulations.”

Posted by Bob Contaldo.

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