Your Business is Our Business

You’ve spent years building your most important and valuable asset… your business. But now you are at a crossroads and need advice. Whether you are selling your business, buying a company, raising capital or planning your business exit strategy, the professionals at Corporate Finance Associates stand ready to guide you through every step in the deal process. CFA offers a full line of investment banking services tailored to middle-market business owners.

Sell Side Advisory

The decision to sell your business may be the single most difficult decision you ever make. This decision will impact many… you, your family, your partners, your employees and your clients to name a few. The process may be complex and there will be important details to consider every step of the way. For most, this is unfamiliar territory and going it alone may not be your best option. Corporate Finance Associates has a 60 plus year proven track record of helping business owners like you navigate the transaction process.
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Buy Side Advisory

Acquiring or buying a business can be an effective growth strategy for your middle market company. As the whole is generally greater than the sum of the parts, a synergistic acquisition can offer huge potential for sustainable growth. With offices across the United States and India and partner offices in Asia, Europe and South Africa, Corporate Finance Associates offers a truly international footprint in the Middle Market Investment Banking industry. Our team of experienced professionals, coupled with our long standing relationships with both strategic and financial buyers makes CFA the solid choice for buy side advisory services.
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Financial Advisory

Now that you have made the decision to raise capital for your business, choosing the right investment banker is critical. Whether you are buying out a partner, financing an acquisition or seeking growth capital, CFA is the right choice to help you achieve your financing goals. We maintain relationships with private equity firms, venture capital firms, factors, banks, leveraged buyout funds, mezzanine lenders, insurance companies, and finance companies. We assist you in structuring the terms of the financing, addressing inter-creditor issues, coordinating investor/lender due diligence, and working with all.
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Exit Planning

When you began to build your business, you set goals, mapped out a game-plan and followed it. A carefully crafted plan is even more important as you consider retirement or an change in ownership. Every business will ultimately undergo a transfer. Ownership may change via a sale or merger, a charitable donation, a transfer to a child or relative or even bankruptcy, liquidation or death. Every ownership transfer carries with it a unique set of consequences… lifestyle, family and tax consequences. We’ve found that the best consequences usually begin with a clearly defined exit plan.
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Business Valuation

“What is my business worth” is a question we often hear from business owners contemplating a business sale, merger or recapitalization. It is an important question, and determining the value of one’s business is an important step in determining if the time is right to consider a sale. Answering this question depends on many factors, including the business valuation methods that are employed in the calculation. Perhaps a more important question that business owners should focus on is “How much do I get to keep?”
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ESOP Transactions

Millions of baby boom business owners will retire over the next ten years and they face a unique challenge. When that time comes, with an increasing number of businesses for sale, will there be enough buyers in the market? One solution is to “create” a buyer for a business using an ESOP, Employee Stock Ownership Plan. Corporate Finance Associates ESOP team has over 25 years of experience advising on ESOP strategies, including 100% ESOP buyouts for companies with existing plans and those with none.
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