– Private vs. Public Capital – Private vs. Public Capital

Middle Market PulseWe touched briefly on the unveiling of the new website, in May’s edition of our monthly brief, The Middle Market Pulse. The new site,, combines two independent databases, PitchBook (directory of over 16,500 establishments supported by private capital) and NETS (National Establishment Time Series, a collaboration with Dun and Bradstreet, NETS is a time-series database of 44 million U.S. business establishments) allowing users to compare the performance of private capital-backed companies to the general U.S. economy from 2009 going back to 1995 by state and MSA.  It will be interesting to see the addition of 2010 and 2011 data into the mix, both from a short term timeline and long term results. 

My guess is that the additional two years of data will simply be putting an exclamation point on the fact that over time, private capital returns have solidly outperformed those in the public domain.  It’s great to have a tool like this which focuses solidly on middle-market transactions and validates the performance of private capital at work. 

Posted by Roy Graham.