The Business Buying Process

Once you have decided to buy a business, locating that one company that fits perfectly with your business goals and budget can be a challenge.  During our more than fifty year history, CFA , an investment banking firm serving the needs of middle-market business owners, has developed and refined a successful business buying process.

Clarify the Buying Strategy

Develop alternatives and recommend appropriate courses of action for owners to take as part of a

  • Growth Strategy
  • Industry Consolidation Strategy
  • Business Diversification Strategy
  • Management Buyout

Identify and Qualify Prospects

  • Identify multiple potential acquisition targets, including companies not on the market. Ascertain if they have an interest in selling and a desire to complete the transaction as offered by the buyer
  • Qualify the prospects based on the criteria established with the buyer
  • Establish valuation expectations and price multiples
  • Exchange information and assist in the negotiation of a letter of intent

Negotiate and Close the Deal

  • Structure the deal
  • Coordinate the professional team including attorneys and CPAs
  • Close the deal