Finding the Right Buyer for Your Business

CFA office locations worldwideCFA is an experienced mergers and acquisitions investment bank serving middle market companies with sales in the $10 million to $250 million range. There are five primary reasons why CFA is the best firm to partner with when planning and executing the sale of your business.

  • Heritage: For over 50 years, we’ve perfected our processes and expanded our reach in order to execute deals that maximize value for our clients.
  • Hands-On: Every client receives individualized guidance and long-term advice from the same senior principal from project inception to completion.
  • Multinational: Market opportunities are broadened through offices dispersed across North America, in India and additional partner offices throughout Europe.
  • Independent: Our independence from direct lending resources or investment capital affiliates ensures that we deliver unbiased guidance.
  • Buyers in the Queue: Industry experience and a knowledge base of potential buyers back-up our commitment to selling businesses through the competitive bid process.