What is My Business Worth?

What is My Business Worth?

By Kim Levin

April 04, 2013

Business ChartWhenever a business owner is considering a sale, the first question to an M&A advisor is usually “What is my business worth?”  Doug Nix, Managing Director and Principal at CFA Toronto West, wrote an in-depth article explaining why the EBITDA multiple, one of the most common methods of valuing a business, may also be one of the most misunderstood.  The article is a must read for anyone considering a sale or recapitalization.

Citing a real world example, Doug compares two EBITDA calculations and how each impacts the business valuation.  Doug notes, “There is a striking and vast gap between the actual market value ($14,000,000) and the owner’s Expected Market Value ($20,950,000).  One can easily see why many business owners have experienced great disappointment and have rejected a purchase offer at market value because of the distortion caused by using the Reported EBITDA multiples.”

I recommend reading the entire article.

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