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Summer 2021 | M&A Report In The Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry Sector

By Daniel Sirvent | Aug 16, 2021

The report below gives a good overview of the Summer 2021 M&A activity in the Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry Sector. The global healthcare and life sciences industry accelerated throughout 2020, and into early 2021 due to increased demand for its products and continued access to capital. It is estimated that $90 billion of private and public capital would be invested into life sciences-related companies in North America by 2021, as per research published by Cushman & Wakefield. The rapid development and deployment of COVID-19 vaccines was a massive achievement for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. It also demonstrated the power of global collaboration. COVID-19 has further strengthened the life sciences industry with mRNA technology opening new possibilities such as finding cure to infectious diseases, cancer and more using technology. In 2021, it is expected that the public will demand even more from the healthcare and life sciences industry as the world recovers from the pandemic and adapt to the new reality. The healthcare and life sciences market is recession proof. Hence it will continue to attract investors for more deals and investment opportunities. In addition to that, the increased focus on healthcare and its global impact will push technological advancements, while also challenging businesses to pivot and transform to prepare for the future.

Posted by Daniel Sirvent.

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