Middle Market Businesses and the Shark Tank Phenomenon

Middle Market Businesses and the Shark Tank Phenomenon

By Cliff Kendel

June 17, 2015

SharkTankShark Tank has exposed Main Street businesses to finding equity capital for business concepts.

Main Street is warming up to partnering with savvy professional investors through creating a salient story/elevator pitch by having committed experienced management paired with a financial venture partner.  The venture partner helps refine the concept, focus the team, and elevate the business to a higher level of success.

Middle market investment bankers assist Main Street businesses enhance their “story” presented in a ninety second(or less) elevator pitch that:

• Quickly and succinctly articulates the Investment opportunity
• Explains why the management team is uniquely qualified to execute the plan
• Understand the financial history and plan for the future

Then, the investment banker conveys the story to  targeted groups that have the knowledge and desire to be in the industry “space” that the Company is operating; vets the prospective investor; and facilitates a mutually beneficial economic transaction.

Corporate Finance Associates investment bankers are a diversified team of experienced financial and operating executives, who have run businesses, been CFOs and senior operating executives of various types of businesses, sold businesses for Clients and their own account, and developed real estate and senior living concepts for clients and their own account.  How can we help you with your business?

Posted by Cliff Kendel.

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