I Can Sell My Business Myself

I Can Sell My Business Myself

By Gerald W. Lindsay

August 24, 2011

Business Selling Myths – Part 1

Would you feel comfortable going into open heart surgery with a doctor who had never performed the procedure before?  So, why would you try to sell your business alone, or let your CPA try?  Your business is your precious child.  Hire someone who is seasoned and understands the nuances involved in successfully marketing and selling businesses.  Hire an Investment Banker!  You’re more likely to get fair value for your business, in a reasonable time frame with fewer complications IF a good Agent represents you.

An Investment Banker will:

•    Set Pricing Expectations:  We will work with you so you have a reasonable expectation for the price your company will bring in the market.  We will not set an asking price, as we let the market bring their best offer and create a competitive process.

•    Market the Business:  Marketing your business successfully is a time consuming and expensive process.  We have a team of professionals that work for you to prepare, and keep current, a Confidential Descriptive Report and Blind Profile.  We will handle all of the time consuming details while you keep an eye on the performance of your company.

•    Find and Screen Prospective Buyers:  We have a vast network of Private Equity Groups (PEGs) and Strategic Buyers that we work with on a regular basis.  Additionally, we will form a customized communication plan, based on your needs, to reach out to new prospects.  After prospects are found we quickly determine their financial and competitive qualifications as it relates to the potential transition.  An attractive offer is worth very little if the odds of a successful closing are low.  A good Investment Banker will not waste time or money with “tire kickers” or unqualified prospects.

•     Negotiate the sale:  There are so many other important factors to consider beyond price.  Of course, pricing is important and we will work so that no money is left on the table.  But, we have structured many sales and know how to ask for those “extras” that make the
deal really special.

•    Work through Due Diligence and Reach Closing:  This process can get rather involved.  We will help keep the deal on track and focused on reaching a successful closing.  We have experience that is much needed during this often frustrating phase.

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Posted by Gerald Lindsay.