How Do I Know It’s Time To Sell My Company?  Part 3

How Do I Know It’s Time To Sell My Company? Part 3

By Robert Contaldo

December 16, 2011

Risk vs. Reward May Signal The Time To Sell A Business

Your business – it has been part of you and part of your family. It has been good to you like an old friend. You have loved it – you have cursed it – you have nurtured it, you have seen it from birth through the teen years and into maturity. Unlike us, it can live for generations – though the time will come when it must change hands and the decision to sell your business can be a difficult one to make.

In this series of blog posts I’ll be discussing the 10 signs that it might be time to sell your business.   The first sign is when the enthusiasm for the business has diminished.  A changing marketplace can also be a sign it’s time to exit.

Sign #3 – Risk Becomes a Four Letter Word

With all that needs to be done in a changing marketplace, business owners cannot afford to be squeamish when it comes to ongoing investment in the company. When one reaches the point of not making logical investments in the company or tends to count the debt rather than the probable benefit, it might be time to sell. Most business owners reach a point where they are tired of “betting the farm”, tired of personal guarantees, tired of meeting financing requirements and covenants, and worn out over protecting assets from legal liability. There comes a time when it makes sense to “take some chips off the table” and build financial firewalls.



Posted by Bob Contaldo.