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Fall 2021 | M&A Report In The Engineering and Construction Industry Sector

By Dean Durbin

November 03, 2021

The report below gives a good overview of the Fall 2021 M&A activity in the Engineering and Construction Industry Sector. In 2020, the worldwide construction market declined from USD 11.21 trillion in 2019 to USD 10.74 trillion as per research published by ResearchAndMarkets. The industry consistently faces macroeconomic and financial hurdles in design, schedule, budget changes, supply delays, equipment failure, labor conflicts, accidents, and natural calamities. And the impact of COVID-19 further increased the difficulties for the industry. However, the sector has shown evidence of recovery in the year 2021, and the market is expected to reach USD 13.57 trillion in 2024 at an implied CAGR of 6%. The heavy and civil engineering industry would be the fastest-growing construction category, due to low-cost labor and raw materials. The APAC region is projected to provide the most revenue to the industry compared to its European and North American competitors. Construction companies must seize opportunities in the business ecosystem to construct a better future, particularly in the context of current construction stimulus packages in the United States and Europe.

Posted by Dean C. Durbin, PE, MBA.

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