Change Can Be Bittersweet

Change Can Be Bittersweet

By Anthony Contaldo

March 07, 2012

Having just watched highlights from the Peyton Manning press conference this morning, one can make the case that the Colts’ decision to let Manning go is very much like a business owner making that decision to sell all or part of his company.   It is evident that the time for change has come.  The decision is emotional for all parties involved.  It’s in the best interest of the business entity to move on.   But it is also bittersweet.

Manning spent his entire career with the Colts and the team knew great success with him at the helm.  Management trusted his abilities and rewarded him amply.  He has gotten older and a step slower , apart from his recent injury.   Business owners spend a lifetime building a business and at some point they grow older, a step slower, and realize it’s time to either call in the reinforcements or find someone else to take the helm.

Peyton Manning will move on…play for someone else until that time when he hangs up his cleats.  He’ll have help deciding on his best options (his agent).    Business owners do the same…they move on…choose to concentrate their efforts elsewhere, whether it’s with a new venture, a charitable endeavor or  spending time with loved ones and improving their golf game.  They also have help deciding on their best options (their trusted M&A advisor). 

This change, this process of transition, is inevitably emotional and bittersweet.



Posted by Anthony Contaldo.