CFA Advises Developer

CFA Advises Developer

By Peter Moore

April 16, 2008

Case Study

Situation: Portland, Maine is home to several colleges, yet most feature limited housing. Rockport, Maine based developer Joseph M. Cloutier saw a need for a high-end apartment complex aimed specifically at the city’s 15,000 college student population. He asked CFA to arrange financing for the 100 suite complex designed to house 400 students. Bayside Village will meet the needs of students’ busy schedules, with amenities like sheltered parking, wireless internet, a fitness room, and bicycle storage.

Solution: Corporate Finance Associates designed a multi-layered capital structure including development stage funding, construction financing, term debt, and municipal tax increment financing totaling $26mm through a combination of short term investors, private equity, and bank financing timed to meet the projects funding milestones.