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A Sense of Where You Are: Planning Your Business Future

By Sam Adams | Mar 12, 2013

basketballMarch Madness is upon us, and that means high-energy college basketball is everywhere.  The competition is fierce and features lots of rivalries. Games are intense: carefully-developed strategies and plays either unfold with precision or come flying apart on the court.  Players have to make split-second decisions and deal with how the set-up looks in the moment, not how it looked in practice.  If you are a business owner you have a good appreciation for that kind of competition and pressure—even if you’ve never picked up a basketball.  We can learn a thing or two from college ball if we think about the tension between planning and execution, between how we plan our business future and how we implement that plan on “game day”—which for most of us is every day.

One of the great books on college basketball is “A Sense of Where You Are” by John McPhee.  Published in 1965, it’s a profile of Bill Bradley and his incredible NCAA career at Princeton University.  It’s an in-depth look at Bradley, his gifts, his team and coaches, and their game style.  Bradley was a gold medalist in the ’64 Olympics and in his senior year led Princeton to Ivy and Eastern championships and a third-place finish in the NCAA.  His performance still shines in NCAA tournament history books, with a second in points-scored in 5 games (177) and a fifth in all-time points-per-game (35.4).  Did I forget to mention that he was also a Rhodes Scholar, played pro with the Knicks (including for 2 NBA championships), and was later a Senator and Presidential candidate?  Not bad.  Read more »

Selling Your Middle Market Company – Seek Out the Best of Both Worlds

By Peter Moore | Mar 16, 2012

TechnologyThe world of middle market investment banking is very much a blend of old fashioned handshakes and state of the art marketing technology and both have a very real place and purpose in the anatomy of every transaction.  Business owners select an M&A consultant much like they choose an attorney or accountant.  They want to know their consultant has the right knowledge, skills and experience to represent them in the transaction.  This usually begins with a face to face meeting and an open and frank discussion of key goals and objectives.   New technology has not changed this part of the selection/selling process and future technology will not likely do so.  Read more »

Planning For Your Business Exit

By Peter Ventre | Nov 08, 2011
Exit Sign

As a middle market investment banker, I talk with business owners every day who are thinking about selling a company.  They proclaim that they are finally ready to move on to another chapter in their lives and it’s now time to sell the business that they have spent a lifetime building.  Interestingly, many of these business owners have done little or no planning for their business exit and although they may be ready to sell…their business isn’t.  Learn how to.. Read more »