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Tracer ES&T

Tracer Environmental Sciences & Technologies believed it was imperative to identify a synergistic suitor that would acquire their stock versus their assets. This was a challenge as Tracer is an environmental sciences firm and potential liability was a concern to interested buyers. Tracer's management was sensitive to the ramifications to their employees, well-known brand and responsibility to existing clients. The primary obstacle was the somewhat conservative, non-acquisitive nature of potential synergistic suitors.


has been acquired by



CFA San Diego helped overcome this issue by seeking "optimal" synergistic buyers and ultimately identified that with SCS Engineers. As an ESOP, SCS has a mandated growth through acquisition objective and Tracer fit nicely into their diversification and business development strategy. Tom Rappolt, Tracer's CEO stated "We enjoyed the prospect of finding multiple buyers and offers which enabled strength in our negotiation. CFA took an active role in final due diligence phases and authoring workable merger documents that found the balance for us as well as the buyers."

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