Business Exit Strategy


NextStep is a systematic, team-driven program developed by CFAW which guides business owners through the process of extracting themselves and their wealth from the business. Business owners willing to be proactive about their life after business options have choices.

The program focuses on

  • the business owner
  • a complete and optimal solution
  • and a team effort

The Process consists of 5 phases which will systematically prepare you for selling your business for the best price, terms and structure. A business valuation is prepared to ascertain the expected wealth transfer and you would want to develop a wealth management plan to cover your lifestyle needs after business. The Business Exit Strategy plan would reconcile the expected wealth transfer and the targeted wealth transfer by including positioning strategies to enhance the value of the business if needed. The final phase would be the executing of this strategy with the business owner reallocating the wealth in the business to the planned Life After Business.

The business owner will find that there are many options to choose from, which are detailed below.


Business Exit

Selling the Business to

  • Competitors
  • Partners
  • Strategic Buyer
  • Financial Buyer
  • International Buyer
  • Going Public

Recapitalizing the Business

  • Owner Liquidity
  • Business Capital Raise

Merging the Business

  • Acquisition or Merger
  • Consolidation or Roll-Up

Transferring Ownership

  • Family
  • Management
  • Employees (including ESOPs)

Gifting the Business

  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Liquidating the business
  • Holding the business
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Exit Planning Summary:
A Path to
Your Business Exit