Business Development &
Value Enhancement

Many CFA professionals evolved into M&A professionals from backgrounds as business owners and corporate executives. We appreciate the wisdom of Stephen Covey's habit - "begin with the end in mind". When the end objective is creating wealth for shareholders, begin with a CFA principal as your trusted advisor along the way. Our focus is your success. We develop your business plan as a roadmap to creating and enhancing value in your company. This will provide a blueprint for your management team to follow and clearly communicates the company direction to your staff. The business plan provides an effective framework within which a company can develop and follow its strategies over the next 3-5 years.

Whether you goal is to obtain financing for a startup or to fund further growth or to plan your eventual business exit, the first step is a professionally written business plan. This important document often serves as the company's first introduction to investors and other funding sources.

Strategic Planning can encompass many areas of your business including implementing strategies that would enhance the value of the company in areas such as marketing and sales or organization development.

Please contact your nearest office if you would like to discuss your objectives in confidence.

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