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Poly Nova Technologies

When Poly-Nova Technologies retained Doug Nix to assist with their shareholder transition, the economy was at the start of the downturn and their industry sector (auto parts manufacturing) was sliding into a deep trough. To complicate matters, Poly-Nova's corporate structure included three shareholders, one active and two passive, with three independent holding companies, two of which were registered in the USA and one in Canada. It would take the perfect scenario to effect a successful close… a perfect strategic buyer coupled with an experienced legal, tax and M&A team to navigate this challenging cross-border deal.

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CFA Ontario Canada was highly focused on finding the ideal strategic buyer. In late 2010, Starlim Sterner of Austria made an acceptable offer for the company. When the final documents were signed, the goal of each of the participants in the transaction was met. The buyer found a perfect strategic fit. The two passive shareholders were happily divested of their interest in the business. And, the single active shareholder found a new business partner focused on growth.

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