Our Thinking

A Philosophy That Puts Clients First

When CFA was launched in the 1950s, we were guided by the beliefs of our founder. The core values that guided CFA associates in everyday work and decision-making long ago continue to be practiced today.

Our integrity is exemplified by the steps we take to safeguard your proprietary information and maintain confidentiality with all forms of communication. Our system has been refined for decades toward achieving the difficult combination of maximum exposure with the utmost confidentiality. Our pursuit of excellence is displayed in our over 60 year tenure, thousands of transactions, and in the caliber of each CFA associate.

Our commitment to client needs and expectations is evident in our organizational structure: purposefully flat. Senior principals work with you on a one-to-one basis at the local office level providing advice and guidance from project inception to completion. We are grateful for the trust our clients have extended over the last half century, at the same time we are cognizant that our credibility is an asset that we must earn and protect every day.

With our long history, the philosophy embraced by the CFA organization is evident in how we treat our clients and provide solutions:


Allegiance to Clients

Independence is the cornerstone of our belief system. With so much consolidation taking place in the financial services industry, it is rare to find a large firm that demonstrates its belief in independent advice.  We are an unbiased and fully independent firm with no lending or investment affiliates. This is just one way in which we exclusively serve your interests.

Fresh Solutions

In today's market it is not enough to follow precedents; one must build on the firm's foundation and produce creative solutions through imaginative and original work. We believe that the only way to achieve superior results is to have a method of interpreting information in a way that is different from others in our industry.

Make it Happen

Beyond taking initiative, the CFA team embodies a competitive spirit.  It is manifested in our drive to find new opportunities to get the job done. We believe that persistence and tenacity are positive values. They guide us in our work for you.  We believe that our success will follow your success in obtaining the best result. We, like you, are entrepreneurs and we know the drive that it takes to build a successful company as you did.

Sorting Through Noise

Today's overload of data has created an unprecedented level of "noise" to sort through. To insure both effectiveness and leverage, we believe that we serve you best when we work across external and internal boundaries and use our collective knowledge from national and international offices to manage the outcome of complex transactions in your favor.