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The Optimal Exit Strategy — Boom-er-Bust Era:

It takes a coordinated Team of Professionals experienced in Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Law, Taxation and Financial Planning / Wealth Management to successfully execute the Optimal Exit Strategy.


Sell Your Company as an Add-On in this Uncertain Market:

This may not seem like the right time for most owners of $5 to $50 million companies to be selling. But if the selling company is positioned as an Add-On to a bigger company, owners may be surprised by the interest in the deal, the valuation, and the terms.


MBOs: An Optimal Exit Alternative in the Current Economy:

An alternative investment like a Management Buyout (MBO) presents an appealing opportunity to private equity.


"Tough" is the New "Growth" for Middle-Market M&A Deals:

The good news for those who want to sell their companies now is that "toughness" in a difficult economy is the new growth for buyers.


Cash Flow for Manufacturing and Wholesale Companies:

Cash flow is one of the most commonly used terms in business — and is also one of the most often misunderstood concepts. Do you know your breakeven cash flow?


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How to Sell Your Business in a Down Market:

"I want to sell my business..." are the words whispered by the sojourner who must move on or shouted by the executive responding to the perceived torture tactics of an unyielding adversary


The Challenges of Selling to Buyers Outside the United States

Closing a deal with a buyer or seller in your own country is difficult enough, but getting a deal done with a buyer or seller from a foreign country who speaks a different language and lives seven time zones away is even more challenging.


Effective Business Plan for Raising Capital

An effective business should be viewed as a marketing or promotional piece that can successfully sell your business model to providers of capital by emphasizing the strengths of your company but, at the same time, not hiding any of the obstacles.


Real Estate - Leasebacks

If your company owns its own real estate and it is not leveraged up too much you are likely sitting on some seriously under-utilized capital. A sale-leaseback allows the company to sell its real property to a buyer who then leases it back to the company on a long term operating lease.


Understanding How Private Equity Groups Approach Value

It behooves Private Equity investors (PEG’s) to work with business owners who understand a deal from the PEG’s perspective.