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During his career Harald Klien has successfully led numerous acquisitions, company sales as well as privatizations, fundraisings and direct investments. He has gained experience in many sectors including construction and real estate, transport and infrastructure, automotive, steel, non-ferrous metal, machinery and plant engineering, electrical engineering and IT.

Harald has worked with, and executed transactions for, Voest Alpine, Sandvik, Siemens, Frauenthal Holding, GAW Group GmbH, Vivatis Holding AG, Sonnek Engineering Gmbh and others.

Harald has over 30 years of M&A transaction experience in the EU and has been involved in over 250 domestic und cross-border deals.

His main industry expertise covers automation technology, control engineering, automotive industry, steel, mechanical engineering, plant engineering, business services, consumer goods, food and beverage, telecommunication, media, technology and IT, real estate, financial services and insurance industry, leisure and trade, print and packaging, chemicals, oil industry and construction related industries.

Harald is a Lecturer at universities in the EU und US and has lectured at many seminars. He is also Founder and Chairman of ACG Austria - the Association for Corporate Growth.

Dr. Harald Klien