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Looking back on my 25 years of finance experience as an entrepreneur, senior manager and revenue driver responsible for the P&L of several successful organizations and small business enterprises, I feel uniquely positioned to help owners and founders expand, elevate and evolve their capital positions.

I landed in the world of investment banking through an unusual path. After completing my bachelor's degree, I spent a decade as a fundraiser for charities in the not-for-profit arena. I loved the essential nature of my role as my work personally impacted top line growth on a daily basis. Money raised went into tangible improvements, such as bricks n mortar and expansion in the educational institution; and, in the case of micro-lenders, money went directly into the hands of individuals to fund early-stage businesses and create jobs. Witnessing the power of capital to transform lives, my passion for finance grew.

Subsequently, I co-founded my M&A advisory firm with long-time colleague John Gullman. Our team executed countless deals on behalf of business owners in the lower middle market, many family-founded and owner-operated. Being industry agnostic has given me insights into many different business models, and allowed me to build relationships with a diverse cadre of lenders and investors.

Today we can help our clients make mission critical moves, to achieve acquisitions, strategic alliances, mergers, recaps, management buy outs, career transitions and exits. I know how essential it is for every company, no matter the size, sector or ownership structure, to maintain a strong cashflow and have access to capital at critical times, in order to ramp up, maximize growth, and increase value. With local, national and global capabilities, my Partners and I are in an ideal position to handle anything that comes our way -- capital raising, buy side, sell side and everything in between.

Eve Swanson