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How long will the acquisition process take when I am selling my agricultural business?

Whether you want to sell, merge, acquire or finance, let CFA's industry knowledge, international resources and proven dealmaking skills work for you.

How long will the acquisition process take when I am selling my agricultural business?

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Is a management buyout the right exit strategy for me?

JP Balestrieri explores the advantages of exiting a business via an MBO in today’s economy taking into consideration price, deal structure and ultimate net proceeds.

What are the benefits of working with CFA in cross-border transactions?

Girish Narasimhan of CFA India discusses the Indian M&A market and how current Indian economic growth are well served by our international organization.

How can I increase the value of my company before I sell?

John Hammett discusses steps you can take today to make your business more valuable prior to its sale including broadening the depth of your management team.

Is a recap of my business a smart part of my exit strategy?

Roy Graham discusses the process of working to recapitalize a business via a private equity group, including the potential for additional rewards at the second and ultimate sale.

Exit strategies

Peter Heydenrych comments on the future of the M&A market as the baby-boom generation looks toward retirement including the challenge of identifying a sufficient buyer pool.