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Winter 2022 | M&A Report In The Technology, Media and Telecom Industry Sector

By Dan Vermeire

March 30, 2022

The report below gives a good overview of the Winter 2022 M&A activity in the Technology, Media and Telecom Industry Sector. Private equity, Venture capital, and corporate investors continue to make large bets on digital companies as innovation advances and technology becomes more critical. As consumers and businesses seek to become more connected, IT companies are experiencing record investment opportunities from a variety of sources. The net neutrality controversy continues to cast a shadow over the future of internet service and content providers, and certain tech platforms may face additional privacy rules. The work from home culture is driving the demand for cloud-based connectivity. ESG, Metaverse, AI, and Data Privacy are the main themes that will shape the TMT industry in the future, as per the TMT Predictions 2022 report published by Thematic Research. Furthermore, the TMT industry is expected to remain profitable, giving the ideal basis for reinvesting retained earnings and scaling through acquisitions, along with offering product excellence across all critical sub-sectors.

Posted by Dan Vermeire.

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