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Spring 2021 | M&A Report In The Energy Industry Sector

By Roy Graham | Jun 15, 2021

The report below gives a good overview of the Spring 2021 M&A activity in the Energy Industry Sector. The Energy industry is poised for faster growth in 2021 and the global demand is set to increase by 4.6% offsetting the 4% contraction in 2020 as per research published by IEA. Almost 70% of the projected increase in global energy demand is in emerging markets and developing economies, where demand is set to rise to 3.4% above 2019 levels. Energy use in advanced economies will be 3% below pre-Covid levels according to IEA. Third waves of the pandemic continue to extend the restrictions on movement and global energy demand has been low. But stimulus packages and vaccine rollouts are boosting the outlook for economic growth.

Posted by Roy Graham.

Read the Entire Spring 2021 Energy Report Here

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