Remembering Steve Jobs

Remembering Steve Jobs

By Peter Moore

October 06, 2011

No written history of the United States and the world will be complete without reference to and reverence for Steve Jobs. His visionary creation and leadership of Apple, Inc., his technology innovations and their revolutionary impact on our world, will be felt forever because of Steve Jobs.

His unique ability was to share his vision for creating great products that provided truly satisfying experiences for their users. He never stopped innovating, but rather continued to challenge himself and his colleagues at Apple Inc. to design, develop and deliver a continuous stream of blockbuster products. He set the standards for personal computing, movie animation, telephony, music enjoyment, and elegant design.

What an enormous contribution to mankind. And what a lesson about living your passion for everyone.

For me his greatest contribution was the originality of his ideas, his daring to articulate his own vision and his refusal to let others set his agenda.

Steve Jobs will inspire billions forever. What a legacy!


Posted by Peter Moore.