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Fall 2023 | M&A Report In The Aerospace, Defense & Government Industry Sector

By Jim Gerberman

November 08, 2023

The report below gives a good overview of the Fall 2023 M&A activity in the Aerospace, Defense & Government Industry Sector. Global aerospace manufacturers anticipate a return to pre-2019 passenger traffic levels by late 2023 or early 2024, which could lead to increased production to tackle order backlogs and boost revenue later in 2023. Nevertheless, persistent supply chain issues and high inflation pose significant threats to the industry, as both Boeing and Airbus have cautioned about potential production delays. Despite challenges, the aerospace sector, particularly in major producing countries like the US, Eurozone, and the UK, foresees steady growth in 2023. This upturn will be propelled by heightened global passenger travel and augmented defense spending. Increasing geopolitical tensions have led many countries to increase their defense budgets, leading to higher investments in military aircraft. In September 2023, the substantial legislation, known as this year's National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), granted authorization for an unprecedented $886 billion in military expenditures.

Posted by Jim Gerberman.

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