CFA Advises Rockey Companies

CFA Advises Rockey Companies

By Roy Graham

June 15, 2008


Case Study

Situation: John Rockey started his company in 1983 with a single truck. Twenty-four years later, he had grown it into a highly successful transcontinental provider of logistics services to the United States military. Rockey realized however, that he was on the verge of losing control as the company continued to grow. Believing that he had advanced the company as far as he could, he decided he would have to sell. A financial services provider saw that he needed experienced guidance and introduced him to CFA.

Solution: Upon understanding Rockey’s true desires, CFA outlined a recapitalization process which allowed him to extract wealth from his company, while still retaining an attractive ownership position and active involvement in his company. CFA identified a strong investment group willing to invest and commit to active management in the company. With the needed expertise to institute sophisticated systems and controls while bringing new resources and strategic insight, Rockey’s new partners form the foundation for future growth of even greater opportunities.