CFA Advises Bronco Recapitalization

CFA Advises Bronco Recapitalization

By Lee Crawley

January 14, 2009


Case Study

Situation: In 2001 CFA was engaged by Bronco Manufacturing, an oil rigs parts specialist, to prepare a business valuation and assist in evaluating unsolicited offers over the next couple of years. Bruce and Max, the firms partners, asked CFA to take Bronco to market.  in 2004. Bruce was 60 and ready to retire while Max was 50 and wanted to grow the company more aggressively.

Solution: We considered a leverage buyout for Max, but determined a re-cap with a private equity group was a better strategy for both owners. This journey took three years and we kissed a lot of frogs along the way. We contacted over 100 potential acquirers. Ninety percent were Private Equity firms. From start to finish, Bronco received 11 letters of intent and ultimately found the right partner. The long time line may lead one to think something was wrong with Bronco, but that is not the case. The client was very selective. The good news was that the value of the company quadrupled during that period. This transaction illustrates the importance of patience, persistence and tenacity, as well as a belief that there was a “right” buyer for Bronco.