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CFA India currently has offices located at Mumbai and Pune. From a 'developing nation' just two decades back, India, today, has emerged as one of the decisive nations shaping the contours of the world economy. Consistently charting a growth path over the last few years, Brand India is an idea whose time has truly arrived. Today, the triumph of Brand India is visible in almost all fields - with some aggressive cross-border acquisitions India has been rewriting the global business equations; India has established its leadership in IT and knowledge-based industries globally; and along with the rapidly declining age profile, it has the fastest growing population of workers and consumers. The India office has been actively providing Private Equity Syndication, Structured Finance, Special Situations Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions and Strategic Advisory services to corporate enterprises and investment groups.

The management team at CFA India consists of professionals who have had a successful track record and past operating experience in investment management, investment advisory, mergers and acquisitions in technology domain, manufacturing and services industries.

The office has also assembled a team of advisors for its Industry Practice Group that consists of individuals from various premier business houses in India with global experience. It is also supported by its associated securities company, Mata Securities India Private Limited, which is one amongst the leading player’s in corporate finance, wholesale debt broking and mutual fund distribution.

Selling, buying or financing a business is a complex process that requires thorough preparation, skillful negotiation and an intimate knowledge of markets and financial resources. With CFA, you’ll work locally with a senior principal, who can provide expert valuation, analysis, and negotiating skills, as well as preferred access to a national and international network of CFA industry experts and resources.

M & A Team

Serving as your partner throughout all phases of the transaction process, your CFA principal will guide you through every challenge, advocate on your behalf, and leverage our firm’s wealth of experience and resources to see you through to a successful close.

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