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Taxes – The Key to Keeping More In The Sale of Your Business

By Roy Graham | Jan 12, 2012

Money BlocksThey say nothing’s certain but death and taxes…but I’m not quite sure how certain taxes really are.  Don’t get me wrong.  I know they’ll always exist.  But tax laws are constantly changing.  And, taxes become very relevant when we contemplate large life events – like selling one’s business.

One of my colleagues, David DuWaldt, wrote a great piece about how taxes and M&A deal structure work hand in hand.  David does a great job explaining why the tax interests of the buyer and those of the seller are often at odds with one another and how a resourcefully structured transaction can bridge the gap between the two.  I suggest you read David’s full article here.

Because the laws are constantly changing, it’s important to work with a trusted team of advisors including your accountant, lawyer, financial planner and investment banker to design the M&A deal structure that provides the best liquidity outcome for you.  Remember…it’s what you keep that counts.

Posted by Roy Graham.

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