Executive Profile

Terell Brown

Terell Brown

Atlanta Office

Terell Brown, Managing Director in the Atlanta office, is a United States Marine Corps Veteran and became a dealmaker at CFA in 2018. After honorably separating from military service, Terell retrained and began his career in finance as a financial adviser providing investment advice and retirement planning to individuals, businesses, and government agencies. Terell furthers his expertise, specializing in mergers and acquisitions as a path to value creation. Terell owns a successful Service-Disabled Veteran Enterprise with a focus in commercial real estate development.

Terell is a Post 9/11 Veteran and joined the United States Marine Corps in 2006, deployed in 2008 and honorably separated in 2010. In the Marines, Terell worked in aviation as a quality assurance officer. After completing military service and returning home he began his career in finance at Country Financial. Shortly after, Terell also began to develop affordable housing for United States military Veterans.

Terell holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a major in finance. He attended business school at Mercer University in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. His alma mater is Georgia State University (Atlanta, Georgia) where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with a major in real estate. He is a life-long learner who is dedicated to service.