CFA is Currently Financing Middle Market Companies

Your company can obtain financing.

Corporate Finance Associates (CFA), an established investment banking firm, is currently providing 3 forms of innovative financing services to middle market companies: financing a business

  • First, companies can receive lump sum cash in exchange for giving investors the right to receive a fixed monthly percentage of the company’s variable top-line gross revenue. These Top-Line Income Generation Rights Certificates (TIGRcubs™) are issued under license from the Entrex, Inc. This type of financing is suited for companies with $5M - $250M in annual gross revenues, which are projecting growth, and do not wish to dilute equity, particularly at today’s lower valuations.
  • Second, CFA’s investment bankers can arrange mezzanine and subordinated debt from fund investors that will be in second position, typically behind a senior bank revolving line of credit. This financing is a solution where a company has already fully drawn down on the senior bank loan, or the company’s lender has reduced the amount of a senior credit facility. Mezzanine and subordinated debt typically has both monthly payment and equity participation features.
  • Third, CFA can arrange accounts receivables financings which enable a company to receive up to 80% of the amount of outstanding accounts receivables from customers. This form of financing is a tool for companies that need immediate cash to meet payroll or for working capital. Financing is also available for purchase orders, which can solve a company’s cash flow issues, and enable a company to make necessary expenditures in order to fill orders.