Acquisition Process

To identify sellers on your behalf, we will follow a comprehensive process:

Acquisition ProcessPhase 1:  CFA Dealmakers will:

  • help you clarify  your  acquisition  criteria and strategy, 
  • assemble  market  based comparable sales,
  • analyze financing options,
  • help develop a Buyer Descriptive Memorandum, and
  • deliver a List of prospective target sellers.

Phase 2:  CFA Dealmakers will:

  • contact and qualify target sellers,
  • meet with sellers to evaluate acquisition potential,
  • quantitatively value sellers, and
  • negotiate a Letter of Intent.

Phase 3:  CFA Dealmakers will:

  • support the due diligence process through the use of a Virtual Deal Room,
  • advise on, and negotiate the terms in the Purchase and Sale Agreement,
  • work with your attorney and accountant, and
  • guide the transaction to a closing.

Download the memo which details all 11 Steps involved in the Three Phases. The Work Fee for hiring CFA is $5,000 for each Phase.  A separate Success Fee is payable upon a successful closing.