Exit and Growth Strategies for Middle Market Businesses

Selling Your Business: The Timing is Always Right

By Kim Levin | Mar 13, 2012

Boy with SuitcaseIf you are a middle market business owner and are contemplating a sale…more than likely the first thing you will ask your investment banker is “what’s my business worth?”   You will become familiar with terms like “valuation” and “multiples”, and will want to be certain that when you sell the business you have spent a lifetime building, that you are selling at the right time.

Data shows that for the past 10 years, valuations and multiples for middle market businesses have remained fairly steady… and that’s good news for anyone considering a sale.  There really is no right or wrong time to sell a quality business.  March’s issue of the Middle Market Pulse gives some insight into this issue and you can read it here.


Posted by Greg McKinley.

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