Exit and Growth Strategies for Middle Market Businesses

Selling a Business – The Cost of Capital

By Peter Heydenrych | Jul 12, 2011

Whether you’re selling a business, buying a business or growing a business…securing affordable funding is an absolute must.  But, what’s affordable and available to one company may simply not be an option for others…depending on the circumstances.  Our July Middle-Market Pulse took a very quick look at the types of funding available to companies at different stages of development…and the costs associated with each funding type.

Woman with GraphOne thing to keep in mind when considering funding a purchase or planning for corporate growth…if you borrow it…you’re obligated to pay it back…whereas if you seek out investors, repayment need not be part of the game plan.  Please comment on your recent experiences obtaining funding.


Read the July Middle Market Pulse.

Posted by Peter Heydenrych.

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  1. Brandi says:

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