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5 Ways to Maximize the Proceeds From the Sale of Your Business | Part 5

By Brian Ballo | Mar 24, 2014

money treeThis blog post is the last in a series of 5.

Naturally, business owners believe that their business can be sold at the higher end of the pricing range. However, an attractive Letter of Intent to Acquire typically does not come unsolicited. Therefore, to increase the odds of maximizing the proceeds from the methodical sale of your business, the following tactical steps can be taken:

5. Achieve Teamwork Throughout  the Sale Process

Corporate Finance Associates, a major investment banking services firm, works to implement NextStep, a systematic, team-driven, sale of business program, which guides business owners through the process of extracting both themselves and their wealth from the business.

CFA approaches exit planning in a systematic way, working as part of a team of advisors to ensure that the process addresses all options, and is focused on clarifying and pursuing the goals and objectives established by the business owner. The team, including  a Wealth  Advisor, Tax Attorney, and an Accountant, will ensure that the business owner has access to all appropriate options and opportunities, is fully informed as to  the  merits  and  demerits  of proposed  strategies, and  has expert counsel and representation  in all applicable disciplines impacting  the sale process.

An effective team will support the ongoing performance of your company during the sale process. If the owner selects a capable team of advisors, then he can focus on maintaining the financial performance of the company, while the advisors focus on creating a competitive bidding environment amongst multiple buyer candidates, and all the details of closing the sale transaction.

Posted by Brian Ballo.

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